Intuition Got Them Out Of A Difficult Situation | Abby and Bianca Khanna


Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like something is not right?

This is what Abby and Bianca’s intuition had told them.

After Abby arrived in America with just $200 in his pocket, he started working for his Uncle, 16 hours a day and with no pay, his Uncle calling it training, eventually moving on to other jobs, including working as a bouncer for a strip club.

Bianca left her very successful acting and modeling career in the Bollywood scene to go to the US and start working from the bottom as a salesperson in different fashion stores in Hollywood, eventually receiving recognition for her skills in sales.

Both had struggled in life, but intuition had helped them get out of these difficult situations, which ended up building a company from the ground level to over 7 figures in sales.


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