Why I Started My Intuitionology Project

When I was just 5 year old, after hearing that my father would not buy me an expensive set of video games, my intuition sent me a loud and clear signal to go door-to-door to raise money, and $200 later, got my video games.

These intuitive signals were vert strong and kept guiding me, telling me what decision I should make, and as long as I listened to them, the doors of opportunity kept opening and life was amazing.

But, as I grew, way too many people tried to shape the decisions I I needed to make that had me follow a path that I wanted.

Even though my intuition was signalling to me that I needed to let these people go, I continued to be affected by them, eventually ignoring the intuitive signals time and time again to fall into the trap of following societal norms and listening to the opinions of others who weren’t interested in my own wants and desire.

Continuing with these relationships had me start to doubt myself, continuing to ignore my intuitive signals that forced me to make one bad decision after another, with the ultimate bad decision leading to a good friend being shot and killed.

To stop this from happening to you, I created the Intuitionology project, spending thousands of hours on research and interviews to find out that it takes under 14 seconds for your intuitive signals to tell you to leave behind the relationships that hold you back from your success.

And when you do, you get back your sense of self-confidence to make the decisions that lead to success in every area of your life.

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