I Became a Professional Speaker to Affect Youth with Blake Fleischacker


The youth of today have many influences that impact the decisions they make.

From social media, societal norms, and those giving advice, with all the advice and attention divided between these and other avenues, what to do in life could become confusing.

Blake Fleischacker intuitively knew that he needed to be that voice to help the youth, chopping through the noise from social media, societal norms, and ill-intended advice from others so that they could find success in their lives, growing his audience to thousands who hear him speak every year.

He has also experienced an intuitive moment that led him to connect with his best friend, Peter Katz.

Not only does he call Peter while we were doing this interview, asking Peter what led HIS intuition to become best friends with Blake, but in the very next episode in my podcast series, I talk to Peter about this specific incident in addition to how intuition has impacted his life. 


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