How a K-Pop Boy Band BTS is Changing People’s Lives

What does a 7-member boy band called BTS have to do with using intuition to surround yourself with those who move your life forward?


Maybe not much to you if you are not a fan of their music, but to the millions of their fans around the world, their music touches them in inspirational ways.


This K-pop group was formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013, selling millions of albums and winning dozens of music awards as they continue to be a beacon of inspiration to the group’s fans worldwide.


So, what does this have to do with intuition?


With the research showing that your intuition shows up in the emotional part of the brain called the amygdala, you make decisions that make you “feel” good, as long as you are following the lead of the intuitive signals that are being sent to you.


These signals are jam-packed with a lot of information that is gathered by the four types of intuition so that when you make a decision, it will always be one that is right for you.


When it comes to you liking a music group or a certain type of music, you make the decision to follow the group or listen to that group’s music because it makes you “feel” good.


In fact, listening to music has been shown to have additional benefits like being good for your health.


Research has also suggested that music has amazing therapeutic effects, helping to deal with depression, reducing anxiety and overcoming a sense of loneliness.


This “lift in life” was exactly what the music of BTS did for three mothers who became instant fans of the group’s music.


Even though they all came from different areas of the globe, they became a united group with other mothers around the world to celebrate their love for both the music of BTS and the stories that the group members share with their fans.


Despite what others may say about their love for BTS given their age, they really didn’t care because when they discovered the group and its music, it started to provide some healing for them when they needed it the most.

For these three mothers, listening to the group’s music helped them overcome a number of issues that they had in their lives.

But for them, just like it probably has done for a number of other BTS fans, they really resonated with the actual group members and their journey that they share through the stories that they tell.

By resonating with the group members, the mothers were able to shine a light on things that they needed to improve in their own lives and to accept themselves for who they, even though they had to deal with others who wondered why they were huge fans of musicians much younger than they were.

But the issue has nothing to do with age.

When your intuition is able to find those who help to move your life forward, age, gender and background simply don’t matter.

Your intuition starts to move away from relationships that hold you back from success and establishes a connection with those who give you a foundation of support.

For the three mothers, the opinions of others, who questioned why they were fans of BTS, were tossed aside as they were able to see how their own lives resonated with the stories of the group members, giving them the self-confidence to be happy with who THEY were.

When you start to live your life guided by intuition, you then start to leave behind relationships that no longer serve their purpose, with the research showing that this can be done in under 14 seconds!


By filtering your relationships, you then start to surround yourself with those who are an amazing foundation of support as you make the decisions to get closer and closer to finding success in every area of your life.


What you will also discover is that you no longer shy away from making bold decisions in life, and in some cases, you actually make crazy decisions yourself to do things that you may have never done before because you doubted yourself.


This is exactly what happened to the three BTS fans.


Because of the influence of BTS, each one of them was able to do something that they would have never thought of doing before.


Others may call them crazy, and they may even call themselves crazy.


But, because of BTS, those “crazy” decisions were not crazy at all.


They made those decisions because they now had the self-confidence to make them, thanks to both BTS and their intuition.

One could say that the success of BTS is because they are a pop group that has popular songs and the group members are cute, and perhaps you may even think that they are here now, but they may be gone tomorrow.


Based on the success they continue to enjoy, it looks like they are here to stay for a while.


But your intuition does not care about any criticisms or concerns of others, and neither do the fans of BTS.


What your intuition cares about is making sure that you surround yourself with the right people who give you the confidence to make the decisions that move your life forward.


The three mothers don’t need to be in the same room as BTS, although I suspect this is something they continue to dream of!


What is most important is that their intuition is able to connect to the BTS group and its music, which has helped them overcome a number of issues in their lives, giving them the confidence to not only accept themselves for who they are but to also make bold decisions that have them enjoy amazing life experiences.


You may not resonate with BTS like these three fans, but I am sure that you can think of times when listening to your favorite music group has had you completely immersed in enjoying who you are in that moment.


That’s what happens when you trust your intuition to surround yourself with those who matter, and that’s when you start to enjoy your life by just being you, just like what BTS does for its fans.


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Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse

After making a series of bad decisions, with one leading to a friend being shot and killed, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours on research and interviews to show you how your intuition is able to leave behind relationships that hold you back in under 14 seconds so that you are able to surround yourself with those who give you the self-confidence to make the decisions that lead to success in every area of your life.

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