From Being An Ex-Con Because Of Drugs To Running A Successful Fitness Center | Coss Marte


Have you ever been in a situation that got you into prison?

Coss Marte was selling drugs as early as 13 years old and was arrested at 16.

While he was going to court wearing a suit, he noticed that he didn’t attract any attention, and started to think that dressing up would help him fly under the radar from the police.

That decision led to him earning 5 Million dollars…until he got arrested again.

An intuitive moment in prison had him read the Bible knowing that the life he was living was wrong.

So he started training the other inmates in the yard, and when he got out, he turned that experience into a business earning $500,000 by running a very successful fitness center called CONBODY, where people can train to become healthier through a prison-style Bootcamp that gets results.


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