Lost $100 Million Due To Ego | Dave Meltzer


My next guest, entrepreneur, CEO, keynote speaker and best-selling author David Meltzer had the gift of making money, even being told that he had the Midas touch, which gave him a tremendous sense of self-confidence.

But his self-confidence soon turned to ego, ignoring his intuition to hang around the wrong people and stop listening to the right ones. This disastrous mistake resulted in him not only going bankrupt and losing over $100 million, but he also had to have a very painful conversation with his mother to tell her that she had to move because he was responsible for losing her house as well.

Thinking that this would devastate his mother, she stunned him by asking if he was okay and if he needed money. This was the intuitive moment he needed, realizing that he was not living his purpose or in sync with his values, and made the extreme shift to start trusting intuition again to do things the right way and for the right reasons.

This had him not only rebuild his finances back up to become a millionaire, but he has been able to affect thousands of people along the way with his message of living a life trusting intuition and living a life with purpose and in line with their values.


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