Severe Burnout Had Me Experience Nightmares and I Needed to Talk About It: Hamza Khan


When you are trying to succeed, especially as an entrepreneur, you may falling into the trap of using external things as motivators such as monetary success or buying things for the sake of showing others.

This can start you down a slippery slope trying to chase these “motivators”, and what you will often find out is that things start to get out of hand VERY quickly, doing things like working long hours and isolating yourself from your true family and friends.

This was what happened to Hamza Khan as he started down this path, and even though intuition was sending him subtle signals to rethink his decisions, he ignored them to chase what he thought was “success”.

Eventually, things got very bad for him as he experienced massive burnout, with the intuitive signals getting louder and louder, getting him to experience nightmares, breaking into cold sweats, and even experiencing irregular heartbeats.

If he didn’t start to trust his intuition, his health would be going down a slippery slope, and if he was not careful, this was a deep ditch that he may not be able to climb out of.


  • 00:00 – Videogram

  • 00:58 – Introduction

  • 01:19 – Hamza introduces himself

  • 04:10 – His definition of intuition and his intuitive signals

  • 08:11 – His cathartic moment of putting words together

  • 10:37 – Signals when ignoring his intuition

  • 12:43 – The role of intuition in his early life

  • 14:48 – How he started ignored an early intuitive signal to experience “Burnout”

  • 17:13 – Hamza trying to fill a hole that had him burnout

  • 18:49 – Filtering his relationships

  • 21:39 – The validation that he did the right thing

  • 23:11 – He was forced to become either a doctor, lawyer, or engineer

  • 27:50 – What the musical genre hip-hop means to him

  • 30:70 – The time when he trusted his intuition

  • 33:57 – His failures that impacted his decisions or success

  • 37:20 – The reasons why young people work

  • 38:41 – How he manages his team

  • 40:00 – “Start with the praises in place and let go of them gradually.”

  • 41:11 – Making a mistake when he is trying to fill a technical position

  • 43:00 – Being intuitively connected with someone

  • 46:29 – Contacting Hamza

  • 47:06 – Conclusion

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