Your Intuition Could Save Your Life | Ashley Michelle | Gary Green


Ashley Michelle walked into her boyfriend”s apartment and saw blood everywhere, because he just murdered his friend, and Ashley was next.

But her intuition sent her a signal that saved her life and she was able to escape.

Former NHL hockey coach Gary Green was in a Russian cab which seemed like it was going the wrong way and he thought he was going to be murdered, so he was going to put a choke hold on the cab driver to save his own life.

Thank goodness that his intuition stopped him as he was about to commit a murder that didn’t need to happen, saving him from spending the rest of his life in a Russian jail.

Make sure that you take the time to understand how your intuition behaves so that you recognize the intuitive signals that are telling you what the right decision is to make. You never know…it could save your life one day.


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