Finding The Right Career With The Help Of Intuition | Bobby Umar and Jacqui Childs


We all have intuitive moments.

These are moments when a really important decision needs to be made.

These are also the moment when trusting your intuition is crucial because it is the decisions that you make after this moment that is going to determine the path to success that you put yourself on. F

or my guest, professional speaker Bobby Umar, this important decision was to leave engineering to follow what he was meant to do…be an entrepreneur.

And for my other guest, award-winning influencer Jacqui Childs, it meant leaving everything behind, and with a backpack and an old sweater, she moved into a tiny little apartment so she could finally find happiness.

Make sure that you don’t miss the signals that are telling you what the right decision is.

If you miss, you could be headed down a path you eventually may regret.


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