Taking Bollywood Dancing To A Whole New Level | Kavita Rao


My next guest, creative artist and choreographer Kavita Rao became an all-too-often story of following a societal checklist that had her work in a corporate job, which she hated.

Her intuition knew that her purpose was in being a creative artist and continued to gnaw away at her, telling her that this was not the career that was meant for her. Finally, she couldn’t ignore her intuition anymore, quit her high profile job and got back into dance, opening a dance entertainment company called Karmagraphy to bring Bollywood dancing to the world.

Her success eventually exploded, taking Bollywood dancing to a whole new level and attracting high profile companies and influencers as clients and being asked to have her troupe of dancers perform at weddings, corporate and private events, film and television opportunities, stage productions, specialty acts and music videos.

Thank goodness she listened to her intuition!


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