Maddison Lynn Was About to End It All Until She Entered the Pageant and Fashion Industry


Even during the lowest times of your life, your intuition is always shining a beacon of light.

Maddison Lynn was at the lowest point of her life after a bad relationship, and she almost ended it all.

But her intuition shone a beacon of light. While starting a career in the modeling world, she got a chance to learn about the pageant industry when she was “discovered,” opening up the door to becoming a delegate for the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

This opportunity completely changed her life. In the first interview of a two-part interview, Maddison briefly explains how the Miss Universe Canada experience gave her the opportunity to compete in other pageants worldwide and how her intuition was able to filter people out of her life to only surround herself with those who moved her life forward.

In the second interview, which takes place over 3 years later, she talks about the intuitive signals she discovered after our first interview, diving deeper into how she had to learn about the pageant industry after being a delegate for Miss Universe Canada, how that opportunity led her to be an influencer in the fashion industry, and how discovering gaps given all her past experiences led her to be a mentor for others looking to follow their own journey.

Throughout all of her experiences, one thing remains the same – her intuition continues to help her only make decisions that lead her to success in every area of her life.


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