Social Anxiety Almost Took His Life | Mark Metry


My guest, author, and international speaker Mark Metry was incredibly successful, making 6 figures when he was just 15 years of age.

Yet, to fit in, he ignored his intuition to lie, becoming comfortable being someone he wasn’t, which was gnawing away at him internally, and he fell prey to social anxiety which got him to experience suicidal tendencies.

Then, an intuitive moment had him “see” the life of regret that he would experience if he continued down this path, and this changed the trajectory of his success.

He then leveraged his intuition to make the right decisions to accelerate his success, becoming an international keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and the host of one of the top podcasts in the world with amazing guests such as Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Ed Mylett, J.J. Virgin and Jay Shetty. Thanks to his intuition, he continues to accelerate his success today.


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