My Journey in Discovering How Your Intuition Takes Only 14 Seconds to Leave Behind Relationships That Hold You Back From Success

“Woah! Hot damn! Man, all I can say is that you are going to change people’s lives!”

This reaction was from Billie Jean, an EXTREMELY popular marketing guru who heard my pitch on Clubhouse where he gave a few people the chance to tell their story and give marketing feedback.

 I remember hearing about the Clubhouse room, joined it, and instantly pressed an icon to raise my hand so that I could potentially get some amazing marketing advice from a marketing legend.

 And like everyone else, I waited for the chance to get “invited onto the stage” to give my pitch.

 Then, the notification came, and I was bumped onto the stage.

 As Billie mentioned my name to start my pitch, I took a breath of air and let the words flow.

 My pitch went like this…

 Most people start to doubt themselves because they are living their lives based on the values and opinions of others.

 When that happens, they ignore the signals their intuition is sending them, forcing them to make one bad decision after another and putting them in situations that they regret, just like what happened to me that resulted in one of my good friends being shot and killed.

 My Intuitionology project helps people trust their intuition which takes only 14 seconds to leave behind relationships that hold them back from making the decisions that lead to success in every area of their lives. 

 Then, I waited for Billie to give me his feedback, and it was as if time slowed down and I wondered what he was thinking and what kind of feedback he would give.

 Then, I saw him unmute himself, and he started to talk…

 “Woah! Hot damn! Man, all I can say is that you are going to change people’s lives!”

 I was floored.

 I did not expect him to say that!

 I then asked him what marketing avenues I should use to tell my story.

 He said, ‘As many as you can!”

 He then went on my website, saw my free seven-day challenge that over 50,000 people have taken, and took a peek at some of my content.

 All he said was to keep telling my story, starting with getting onto podcast interviews and creating content on social media.

 So, I started going onto one podcast show after another, with the first question almost always being about why I became so interested in taking a deep dive into understanding intuition, which started after I wrote my first book, “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.”

The premise of that book was that if you learned from the failures of others, then, conceptually, you should be able to succeed faster.

But when I went back to the audio recordings, it was clear that the difference between success and failure came down to who you surrounded yourself with.



About the Author

Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse

After making a series of bad decisions, with one leading to a friend being shot and killed, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours on research and interviews to show you how your intuition is able to leave behind relationships that hold you back in under 14 seconds so that you are able to surround yourself with those who give you the self-confidence to make the decisions that lead to success in every area of your life.

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