I Went From Spending 22 Years in Jail for Murder to Reforming Others with Quan Huynh


Surrounding yourself with those who move your life forward is exactly what intuition helps you with, but ignoring intuition could have you associate with others who slide you down a very slippery slope to a very bad spot. 

Quan Huynh ignored his intuition to surround himself with gang members, sliding deeper and deeper into a hole that would be very difficult to climb out of. 

After jumping in the back of a car with his gang, chasing another car, and unloading 16 bullets into another person, and killing him, the hole he found was 22 years in jail. 

Surprisingly, it was while in jail that he started to trust his intuition again, and when he did, he started to help others trust theirs, and when out, he not only reformed others, but he became both an author and an entrepreneur.


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