Why Fear is Your Best Friend

When you trust your intuition to move away from relationships that have no longer served their purpose, many people start to feel a sense of fear.

Don’t forget that your intuition is right there beside you, helping you with that fear.

This is where knowing what your unique set of intuitive signals become REALLY important.

With the research showing that the part of the brain that gets lit up when using your intuition being the amygdala, which is exactly where you start to experience this fear, just like there are two types of intuitive signals, one being positive and the other being negative, there are two types of fear, the “good” kind, and the “bad” kind.

The “bad” kind of fear is when you are about to get into a situation where there is danger ahead.

Your intuition brings together the information gathered by the four types of intuition to sense what that danger is, sending you a negative signal to warn you that you need to back away from the situation.

The “good” kind of fear is when you are detaching yourself from people with who you may have had a comfortable relationship with for some time, but one or more of the four types of intuition are telling you that you need to move away from them because they are slowing down your ability to move your life forward.

This type of fear is your best friend because your intuition is sending you a positive signal, which means that it is confidently telling you to make the decision to move away from that relationship, even though you may seem scared.

The reason that you hesitate is because of one of three types of fear that hold you back from moving away from that relationship: the fear of failure, the fear of change, or fear of the unknown.

The Fear of Failure

When you are afraid that you may fail, you really don’t have confidence in trusting yourself to make the decision to move ahead.

Yet, your intuition knows that you ARE able to take the steps forward, sending you a series of positive signals to convince you that you can do it.

This is what happened to product specialist David Dame when making the decision to finally turn a dream of walking into the water while on a beach into a reality.

Because David is in a wheelchair, falling in the water for him could actually be fatal, and when that happened, fear started to creep in.

But his intuition was not done with him yet.

The Fear of Change

Everyone loves certainty in their lives.

When uncertainty rears its ugly head, we start to get a little uncomfortable.

If this uncertainty is minor in nature, then most of us are quite comfortable allowing this to happen.

But when this uncertainty is larger in nature, this starts to become REALLY uncomfortable for most of us, which is when fear starts to creep in when we know that we HAVE to take the steps towards that uncertainty.

This was the case for former retail franchise owner Mark Healy when he sold his retail franchise store to another buyer, wondering what was next for him and his family.

This uncertainty started to eat at him.

When he was presented with an opportunity to buy into another franchise opportunity with the same retail chain, without thinking, he jumped in with both feet because he had run one of these before.

But his intuition was not so certain as it saw things with that location what was not very appealing.

But finally, having certainty in his life had Mark ignore his intuition to continue ahead, even though there were a number of negative intuitive signals telling him to back off.

But by then, the papers were signed, and pretty soon, he found himself in the middle of an expensive legal battle that ended up wiping out his savings.

Fear of the Unknown

There are times in your life when you know you have to make a clear decision, even though you may not know what comes next.

But when you think of what has to happen next and don’t have any solid answers, this is when fear starts to show up.

Yet, your intuition has seen you in uncertain times before, and you were able to make the right decisions then, which is why it is sending you a positive, intuitive signal to move ahead.

But for some reason, you doubt yourself this time and start to hesitate.

After being in a physically abusive marriage for so many years, manifestation expert Sarah Prout needed to just leave, not knowing what would happen once she walked out that front door for good.

But she started to convince herself that her partner would change, using self-talk to somehow justify staying in the marriage, even though her intuition kept getting louder and louder, telling her to leave.

Finally, on a December 31st evening, an argument started between Sarah and her husband, with Sarah well aware of how this was going to escalate.

This time, her intuitive signal was so loud that she finally made the decision to walk out.

With no place to live, $30,000 in debt and two kids to feed, she trusted her intuition, having the confidence that she could make it, one step at a time.

She ended up on welfare, decorating her tiny place with furniture picked up from the side of the road and going into public bathrooms to steal the soap so that she could stick them together and have her two children take clean showers.

But she continued to trust her intuition to put one foot in front of the other, day in and day out.

This was when her intuition presented one door of opportunity after another, and with her having faith in her intuition, she opened those doors, one by one.

Six years later, not only was she married to the love of her life but she started a business teaching others how to manifest their dreams, ending up becoming a multi-millionaire in the process.

How to Overcome These Fears

When you feel a sense of fear when making a decision, there is going to be a particular intuitive signal attached to that fear.

And don’t forget that this intuitive signal is jam-packed with information that is gathered by the four types of intuition that have already analyzed the situation that you are in.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling fear when moving on from a relationship, all you need to do is to trust the signals that your intuition is sending you.

And over time, this becomes easier and easier, with research showing that you are able to do this in under 14 seconds!

Eventually, the only people that you have around you are the ones who are a foundation of support in your journey to finding success in every area of your life.

That’s what happens when you trust your intuition to leave behind relationships that hold you back from your success!


About the Author

Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse

After making a series of bad decisions, with one leading to a friend being shot and killed, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours on research and interviews to show you how your intuition is able to leave behind relationships that hold you back in under 14 seconds so that you are able to surround yourself with those who give you the self-confidence to make the decisions that lead to success in every area of your life.

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